We spread joy on a stick one delicious pop at a time

Nothing is impossible for us. We even customize pops to your needs.

We know how to celebrate and help you to party!  So, take it from us: custom ice pops catering takes any event to the next level. Whether it’s a school event, or hosting a birthday party, or a community event, nothing makes a splash quite like POP CITY event catering.

We show up, set it up, serve, and clean it up, so all you have to do is enjoy and indulge our ice pops.  It’s like bringing an ice cream shop right into your doorstep. Get a quote today for custom Pop City event catering for your next gathering! 



Our Flavors


This one is for those seeking a bit of extra indulgence. Feel the richness of classic guilty pleasures like Nutella, Oreo, Lotus,Creamy coconut…


Handcrafted ice pops created with fruity and creamy flavors that were inspired by our community.


We are made of real, delicious fruit! These pops are excellent for those looking for a pop of flavour without compromising on the waist line.

Protein pops

Lower in net carbs and sugar than regular ice pops, our delicious Protein Pops fit right into your lifestyle.

Frozen Cakes

Ice Pop Fans, meet your upgrade. Get the creamy, mind melting and delicious experience of ice cake pops.

Iced beverages

Iced beverages creations, from cleverly flavored coffee and fruit based drinks designed to help keep you cool.

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